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I was drizzle, and she was hurricane


The Virgin Suicides (1999)


i’m back, baby


this month, on the Crow Cillers season one finale, “AMISS IN THE DREAMHOUSE”:

Separated in Ynce Iche, the gang attempts to reunite. Meanwhile, Elaine Jr. wants to eat everyone, Marcus searches for Elaine, Gretchen and Doris ask Jills brother and his boyfriend for help, and TeenPop trio “Three4One” performs. All this and MORE!

get caught up on crow cillers here!


Bruce Willis and Maria De Medeiros in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction


ART: Intense Paintings by Xue Jiye

High level of intensity from Chinese artist Xue Jiye. No additives or preservatives.

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space dog assets

for the morning crowd pt. 2

-slave to the machine

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