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I was drizzle, and she was hurricane

so fucking stupid


"i question your commitment to sparkle motion" / christopher walken crying blood


Folk Implosion - Jenny’s Theme


Sleeve based on The Killing Joke. Being done by Keith Shaw at Electric Workshop in Peterborough UK.

Anonymous Asked:
I wish I could tie your hands behind your back and slap your face while i fuck your mouth. And just because you're a dirty cunt doesn't mean you don't deserve to cum, but not before I hear you scream for it.

My answer:

Wow thank you stranger 💖


Love this movie

[5/?] favourite films:
We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) dir. Lynne Ramsay

kingsize Asked:
The game is called Five Nights at Freddy's

My answer:



Currently watching playthroughs on YouTube, instantly addicted

Omg watch the playthroughs with markiplier terrifying and hilarious!!!

Just finished watching his vids, I think I’m in love with his girlish wails.

"Man shouldn’t have to live by carbohydrates alone, complex or otherwise. Tell me, have you ever heard of protein, Jet?"

"You say something?"

“I was just thinking about meat…”

-slave to the machine

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